18:15 Ticket #21 (Clean up humbug zone file) closed by gjb
fixed: Not sure what happened in Raymond's change: the ticket description got …
18:12 Ticket #21 (Clean up humbug zone file) reopened by gjb
12:11 Ticket #21 (Clean up humbug zone file) closed by gjb
fixed: I'm a bit sorry nobody has answered my question from a week ago about the …


13:03 Ticket #23 (Nameserver ns16.zoneedit.com returns SERVFAIL) closed by gjb
fixed: It seems the address of ns16.zoneedit.com had changed from what we had in …


18:46 Ticket #23 (Nameserver ns16.zoneedit.com returns SERVFAIL) created by guest
System Administrators, As of Tuesday evening, ns16.zoneedit.com (one of …


11:26 Ticket #12 (http://lists.humbug.org.au/mailman/admindb/mailman returns 500 Internal ...) closed by russell
fixed: Fixed. Chronology was thus: 1. I recall someone getting sick of mailman …


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16:35 Ticket #22 (rdiff-backup: investigate why we are getting 'changed during upload' ...) created by stephen
16:08 Ticket #21 (Clean up humbug zone file) created by stephen
I believe these were once used for the HUMBUG meeting address space. …
16:06 Ticket #20 (Set up ddwrt for new meeting router) created by stephen
16:02 Ticket #19 (put all of /etc/ under version control) created by stephen
15:59 Ticket #18 (Clean up postfix virtual directory and put under version control) created by stephen
15:49 Ticket #17 (Investigate our automatic package update setup) created by stephen
Is it enabled? How often is it run? Post results to sasig.
04:51 Ticket #16 (Investigate trac ticket creation from emails.) created by stephen
See if there is a way for incoming emails to trigger ticket creation (in a …


23:20 Ticket #8 (Please add address to banned list for sysadmin@humbug.org.au) closed by stephen
fixed: I've added this address to the blacklist for the lists that can be …
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