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Ticket Summary Component Version Type Owner Status Created
#19 put all of /etc/ under version control other NA defect gjb accepted 01/05/10
#17 Investigate our automatic package update setup other NA defect somebody new 01/05/10
#18 Clean up postfix virtual directory and put under version control mail-alias NA defect somebody new 01/05/10
#20 Set up ddwrt for new meeting router other NA defect somebody new 01/05/10
#22 rdiff-backup: investigate why we are getting 'changed during upload' messages from S3 other NA defect somebody new 01/05/10
#7 LDAP Server other NA enhancement bradm assigned 18/01/10
#16 Investigate trac ticket creation from emails. other NA enhancement somebody new 01/05/10
#3 Trac authentication needs to be simple, easy, and automated website NA task bradm assigned 03/01/10
#13 The Apache2 should have sasig@ as its webmaster contact website NA task stephen assigned 16/04/10
#24 Planet should direct problems to somewhere generic website NA defect somebody new 01/06/10
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