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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#8 Please add address to banned list for stephen task trivial mailing-list NA
#11 DNS update for gjb task trivial dns NA
#1 Remove obsolete mailing lists stephen change minor mailing-list NA
#15 Trac not emailing/cc'ing notifications to the list raymond defect minor website NA
#2 Planet HUMBUG not correctly processing feeds correctly somebody defect major website NA
#4 Fix trac date display gjb defect major website NA
#6 Apache diagnostics on restart stephen defect major website NA
#9 "Undelivered mail returned to sender" stephen defect major mail-alias NA
#10 Trac internal error when attaching a file to a new ticket stephen defect major other NA
#12 returns 500 Internal Server Error russell defect major mailing-list NA
#21 Clean up humbug zone file gjb defect major dns NA
#23 Nameserver returns SERVFAIL gjb defect major dns NA
#25 Add to the feeds gjb change major website NA

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Ticket Summary Owner Type Priority Component Version
#14 Email notifications od new tickets not working? somebody defect minor other NA
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