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#1 fixed Remove obsolete mailing lists stephen raymond

Refer to President's Report in minutes at

Confirm with executive before removing.

#2 fixed Planet HUMBUG not correctly processing feeds correctly somebody raymond

Originally reported by Clinton Roy:

Date: Sat, 2 Jan 2010 14:55:20 +1000 Message-ID: <9c0715e41001012055v32e1065eq2b2fa635c52db44@…> From: Clinton Roy <clinton.roy@XXXX> To: sysadmin <sysadmin@…> Subject: [Sysadmin] planet planet problem and solution

Hi folks,

I recently moved my blog to wordpress, and planet humbug has been incorrectly displaying the title of my posts.

The problem appears to be that planetplanet comes with it's own internal copy of, which is out of date. If I install the debian package python-feedparser and remove planetplanet's internal copy, my feed titles are correctly parsed.

It's trival for me to see this works, but properly testing the live site is hard with the cached data. Still, I would appreciate someone giving it a go.

cheers, -- Clinton Roy CSIRO - Robotics Platform Engineer Autonomous Systems Lab - Brisbane Unix Group - Blog - Photos

#5 worksforme Test: does Trac notification work? somebody raymond

This is a test message. I apologise in advance for the spam to sasig.

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